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Website promotion, SEO optimization, digital marketing in the USA

SEO promotion of sites in the USA

I will find where your customers are hiding!

I have been running my own business for 25 years
16 years in Internet marketing

Business analist
SEO Specialist


On what do I specialize?

Additional services

What businesses I help?

To online stores, medical centers, online schools, information businesses, dance studios, kindergartens and schools, early development schools, martial arts sections, beauty salons, fitness centers, other businesses in the field of service provision, commercial organizations and enterprises (car showrooms, developers) etc.


What problems  I decide?


First of all I will find places where your business is losing or not gaining customers. 
For this it is necessary do market analysis of your competitors, after which I will develop a step-by-step action plan for the development of your company (development strategy).

I will indicate where exactly your company is losing profits, what needs to be improved and what actions need to be taken. 


What you do you get


Strategy advancesof your business.


Magnification newx klients

Exactly ideawhich advertising channels are suitable for you and will bring profit. 

Reliable and an experienced partner,who will perform the work efficiently and on time. 

How to start cooperation?


You need to do apply on the website or write to my Telegram, WhatsApp specify your business (country, city, business name, add a link to the website or social media pages) briefly describe the problem and your expectations as a result of our cooperation. 
Until getting back to you, I will already have a prior understanding of your business and its challenges, so I will be ready tosellactive size oh

The first consultation is free of charge.


My history

Hello, I'm Dmytro Arepiev - the founder and head of the business for over 25 years. Previously, I owned a network of dance schools (three branches) in Mariupol, which occupied more than 1000 m2 and had more than 40 employees. Unfortunately, the war destroyed my business, but during this time I learned a lot about marketing and practiced my skills in my own business. now have over 16 years of experience in marketing, making me an expert in the field. I help businesses: find new customers, build system work in the online and offline space, develop and implement new sales channels. My experience in business and internet marketing will save you time and money. I will help increase your profits and build a strong brand that will attract many customers and their trust.

My work