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SEO promotion of the veterinary clinic


SEO promotion of the veterinary clinic. Online business development consultations, targeted and PPC advertising. Veterinary clinic in Uzhhorod

SEO promotion of the veterinary clinic

The purpose of the project:

SEO promotion of the site. Implementation of a marketing strategy for the development of the clinic and attraction of new clients.

Terms of execution: December 2022 - February 2023

Tasks and completed works: Development of UTP. ​

SEO optimization of the website of the veterinary clinic.

Search advertising: launch, optimization.

Targeted advertising: launch, optimization.

Organization of delivery of fodder for animals.


Email - marketing.

SMS marketing.

Training of the customer service department. ​

Results: ​ Referrals from social networks +350%. ​

Repeated online appeals +35%. ​

PPC search advertising: budget 20,000 UAH. average CTR 8.5%, average price per click UAH 3.55. ​

Targeted advertising: advertising budget $600, profit from sales $3072. ​

ROAS ROAS: 512% ​

Growth of total profit +31%.

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