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Business card printing in Vyshgorod

Business cards in Vyshgorod with free delivery

We print business cards in Vyshgorod at affordable prices and high-quality color reproduction, on the most modern and new equipment in Ukraine. We offer a wide selection of paper densities for business cards, from 200 to 450 g/m2. Only we present the highest paper density of 450 g/m2 in Ukraine, which makes your business card more weighty in terms of its quality and affects the image of your brand. Glossy and matte paper, kraft paper and plastic business cards.

You can order business cards of the following sizes from us:

  • Ordinary business cards 90 by 50 mm.

  • Euro business cards 85 x 55 mm (size like a bank card)

  • Non-standard business cards 50 by 50 mm.

  • Round business cards

  • Oval business cards

  • Complex business cards

  • Business cards with rounded corners from one to all four corners that will set you apart from other companies.

Друк візиток у Вишгороді, замовити візитки Вишгород, візитки онлайн Вишгород

A wide selection of business card covers

We offer a wide selection of business card lamination:

Matte lamination.

Glossy lamination.

Lamination with Soft touch effect (to the touch like rubber with corduroy)

A wide selection of business card lamination densities.

Visual examples of business card formats

How to order business card in Vyshgorod?

Ordering printing from us is very simple

  • Contact us using the messenger convenient for you Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp at +38 (067) 157 75 59 Dmytro

  • Or send your order (mockup) to our e-mail

What if I don't have a layout?

Don't worry, we will design and layout for you for an additional fee.

Дизайн візиток Вишгород

How to get ordered business cards?

  • You will receive your printing products at the New Post office, or by courier to your office or home.

  • Delivery to the New Post office is free of charge.

  • You will have to pay extra for delivery by courier.

How is the printing order paid for?

All orders for printed products are accepted for printing only after 100% payment.

What printing products we   we print

  • Business cards

  • Banners

  • Diplomas

  • Flyers

  • Postcards

  • Printing on Oracal film

  • And many other positions


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