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SEO promotion of an online store in Israel


Оновлення сайту інтернет-магазину, SEO оптимізація, просування у  Google в Ізраїлі



The purpose of the project: Changing the design of the main page of the site, writing the UTP. SEO promotion of the site in Israel. Setup and launch of targeted and contextual advertising. Terms of execution: May 2023 - February 2024

Results: Website conversion increased to 1.8%. ​ SEO optimization - ranked in the top 10 for the main high-frequency queries. According to requests, handmade jewelry store TOP 8, handmade bracelets TOP 6, handmade jewelry sets TOP 2, handmade pendants TOP 2, handmade necklaces TOP 4, handmade earrings TOP 7, handmade rings TOP 8. ​ Would you like to have these results? Book a consultation now. The first consultation is free of charge.

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