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Marketing analysis of competitors' markets

What is "Competitor Market Analysis" and why do you need it?

Competitor market analysis includes the study of: Key competitors on the market. Their products and services. Pricing and pricing strategies. Marketing channels and product distribution. Advertising campaigns and measures to promote goods and services. Strengths and weaknesses of competitors, their unique features. Market trends and possible threats to competitors. Possible needs and preferences of customers that may affect demand, products and services of competitors.



In simple words: I study competitors from your location, product or service, identify their strengths and weaknesses, based on this data, I provide you with a step-by-step development plan for your company, in which I indicate the most problematic areas of your niche, "White windows" - where you can enter with minimal competition and offer a solution. What's next: We approve the action plan - I complete the assigned tasks - you make a profit! ​ What time is it? The work of analyzing and creating a strategy for your business takes from 2 to 7 working days. The cost of the service: ​ The cost of the service depends on your country, city, business niche and the time spent, so it is calculated individually.

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